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Shiyen Township Hall Penghu County

Shiyen Township Hall Penghu County

Geography of Xiyu

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Geography of Xiyu
Our Township governs two islands, Yuweng Dao and Xiaomen Yu. They lie to the west of Penghu Island and the shortest distance to Magong City is about 4 nautical miles.  Our Township is located in the Penghu Ocean area, surrounded on three sides by Penghu Island, and with two entrances in the north and south by Baisha Dao and Yuweng Dao. At the north entrance, Baisha Jiao to the north of Baisha Dao, which is the left arm, and Liulian Jiao to the east of Yuweng Dao, which is the right arm shielding the harbor. “Houmen Shuidao” is the center route of the north entrance. At the south entrance, Neiandong Tou of Yuwen Dao is the right arm and the layers of Hujing, Tongpan Yu, Sijiao Yu and Jilong of Fengwuiwei make the right arm into a natural buffer for a good harbor for anchoring vessels.  

Among the 64 islands of Penghu Islands, Yuweng Dao is biggest island after Penghu Island; Xiaomen Yu is ranked 12th, which is a basalt islet and a part of Yuweng Dao. It is separated from Yuweng Dao by sea erosion and makes a narrow strait with its widest length being less than 200 meters.  

Yuweng Dao has a total area of 40.1818 square kilometers with a full tide area of 18.2028 square kilometers; Xiaomen Yu has an total area of 3.6728 square kilometers with an full tide are of 0.5121 square kilometers.