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Shiyeu City Office

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Shiyen Township Hall Penghu County

Shiyen Township Hall Penghu County

Addresses of Government Agencies & Operations

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Addresses of Government Agencies & Operations
Department/Section Department/Section
Civil Affairs Section Managing local governance administration, election affairs, application of mediation
physical healthcare, social education, public enterprise, cemetery
Columbarium affairs
Religion and customs
Military Service, emergency center
Finance Section Finances, Cashier, Land Administration
Filing of Deed Taxes
consolidated income tax returns
Construction Section public works, road and water drainage works
tourism development
agriculture, forestry, fisher, animal husbandry management and guidance
street lighting maintenance, industry and commerce management,
proof of old building title
Social Affairs Section National Health, Insurance National Pension
social assistance affairs 
social welfare affairs
community development affairs 
Cleaning Unit the relevant acts and regulations, and application affairs
Cleanliness/hygiene and environmental protection
recycling affairs
recycling affairs
litter supervision and evaluation
General Affairs Section General Affairs
document receiving and dispatching, file management
property tender and procurement

property management

township news editing
Accounting Office budgeting、accounting、statistics affairs, as prescribed by law.

Managing the general budget, semi-annual final reports, supplementary budget proposals, general final report affairs (including local public enterprise)
Personnel Management Officer organizing structure, admission via examination and placement, recruitment, co-verify the qualification and pay rate, performance rating (evaluation), bonus and penalty, training and advanced studies, compensation, attendance management.
Preschool / Kindergarten Managing administration affairs of kindergarten
Arranging education affairs
Managing activity affairs
Managing infant healthcare, promotion of health and welfare education promotion, medical examination, assigned matters
Library Managing administration affairs and promotional activities.